How Do You Control Your Anger ? by Nelson Price


EPHESIANS 4: 26, 27 & 30 - 32

JESUS CHRIST entered the temple and saw extortioners at work
robbing the people. He wove some cords into a whip, turned over
tables, opened the cages of animals releasing them, and drove
the religious robbers out of the temple as He shouted, "It is
written, 'My house shall be a house of prayer,' but you have
made it a den of thieves."
Do you think He was without emotion in doing this? Do you think
His emotion might well have been anger?
Many people have used this experience as an excuse to cover
their intemperate outbursts. Was it a tirade by Christ which
justifies such on our behalf? Does it give us license to throw
things, shout abusive and derogatory comments, or strike
someone? No.!
I do believe Jesus was very emotional in what He did. Emotion is
not bad. When channeled and controlled, it is commendable. What
Jesus experienced and appropriately expressed was righteous
indignation. Defined, it means to become indignant over unjust
treatment of others or things of God. The word "righteous" is an
expedient. Christ's purpose was the defense of the honor of
God's house. His conduct was in defense of a Biblical principle.
Candidly more Christians need to show more righteous indignation
toward segments of the world that are degrading and debasing
Scriptural principles. We have become tootorpid, tame, and
timid. Responses like ours would have resulted in passive
conduct by Jesus.
A person who does not know how to be properly angry does not
know how to be good. A Christian who d ...

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