Jesus Wants To Be Your Valentine by Nelson Price

JOHN 3:1-13

Jesus Christ was approached by "a man." John had earlier
in describing Jesus said, "He knew all men," that is He knew
the nature of people, "and He had no need that anyone should
testify of man..." (2: 24, 25). Nicodemus came as the prototype
lost person.

Nicodemus, a Pharisee, who was a member of the Sanhedrian,
Jewish Supreme Court, came to Jesus after working hours to
inquire. I rather admire him for coming. Rolo May, a noted New
York psychiatrist, in his book, Man's Search For Himself, says:
"The opposite of courage is not cowardice, but conformity."
Nicodemus did conform and stay away from Christ. Jesus was not
disturbed that he came after hours. He always had time for
What kind of a man was he? The word Pharisees in the Hebrew
language means Separated. They were separated from other Jews
in order to live a more sanctimonious, strict, ceremonial life.
They were so pious that they contrived many traditions to
supplement Scripture and called these traditions of the scribes
the Talmud. They faithfully, almost fetishly, practiced
fasting, almsgiving, absolutions, and confessions to priests. It
is estimated that there were only about 6,000 of them in
Christ's day.
Jesus brushed aside his flattery, as all flattery should be
brushed aside, and went to work on the real issue of life.
Jesus said: "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the
kingdom of God..."

What was the need of such a statement to this man with his
morality, his unblemished life and his position as a teacher of

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