A Strategy For Self Control by Nelson Price

JESUS CHRIST lived in a world of conflicts. He, therefore,
understands your circumstances. He was at all points tempted as
we yet without sin. He, as God, elected to submit Himself to
certain human limitations for a time. Therefore, He knew what
it was like to be subject to circumstances which move us to the
point of losing our composure, that is, blowing our cool.
We have become a nation populated by people who are not known
for self-control. Violence characterizes us.
The average 16 year old has seen 18,000 murders on TV. Such a
child is conditioned to annihilating those who oppose him or
her. Self-control is not presented as a virtue. Force is.
One-third of all murders in the U.S. are in the family. One-half
of these are between spouses.
Most battered women remain silent but 8 million a year report
being beaten by their husbands.
A study in Kansas City showed 50% of the women beaten to death
had called the police at least five times.
Increased incidents of children being violent with other
children are being reported because of seeing their mothers
beaten and growing to think it is normal.
Often when physical violence doesn't occur verbal abuse does.
Street violence is significant but home violence rivals it.
Self-control is an outgrowth of the inner working of the Holy
Spirit in a life. Galatians 5: 22, 23 lists the fruit of the
Spirit. On a tree fruit does not initially show up mature. The
producing of fruit in a Christian's life is a result of the
"secret" working of the Holy Spirit in that life over ...

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