Revival! Of What? by Nelson Price

JESUS CHRIST stands ready to revive His people and become the
Advocate of a multitude of the lost. His Adversary also is
poised for a renewal of an all out campaign for the souls of
men. America is ripe for revival. There is going to be an
outbreak of a great revival in America. The question is, a
revival of what?
America has become a decadent society. Evidences of this
* Every year over 1,000,000 children are abused by someone they
love and depend on for food, clothing, and shelter. This is the
silent and often untreated epidemic of our homes. For fear of
further abuse these children are held captive and kept silent by
* The average American household views approximately seven
hours of TV a day. Of our current teenage population seven
million will become alcoholics. Could it be because the
characters they watch on TV consume ten times as much alcohol as
* One million girls between the ages of twelve and seventeen
will become pregnant out of wedlock this year. Over 1,500,000
pre-born babies will be murdered this year. Perhaps the National
Federation of Decency has observed a cause--88 percent of all
sex depicted on TV is outside marriage.
America is a decadent society.
A decadent culture that has turned its back of God will, in
time, turn back to the gods of decadence.
The loss of spiritual moorings primes a potential victim for
spiritual entrapment. That is true of individuals and nations.
Alexis de Tocqueville, that sagacious observer of American
institutions, observed: "When the religion of a people is

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