How To Uproot The Root Of Bitterness by Nelson Price

HEBREWS 12: 12 - 15
JESUS CHRIST wants to enable you to live a life surging with
spiritual strength, gushing with grace, billowing with belief,
and flooded with faith. Such a life begins with a salvation
experience called being "born again." That expression means
being "born anew from above."
It begins with JUSTIFICATION. That is, you being declared just
in God's sight. You can stand in the presence of the Holy God
Jehovah just as spiritually clean and pure as Jesus. He
cleansed you and gave you His righteousness. That's what makes
you acceptable to the Father. Can you accept that you are
It continues in SANCTIFICATION. That is, you being set aside to
have further improvements made on you to enable you to serve our
Lord joyously and victoriously.
It culminates in GLORIFICATION. That is, you being taken home
to heaven to live with Him forever. Just as you could not
justify yourself, neither can you glorify yourself.
Most Christians are keen on the first and last of these but are
seemingly unaware of the middle phase, sanctification. It is a
big summary word for living out your faith. It is the process
of becoming all you can be for Christ. Here is where many
Christians start to live spiritually defeated lives. Many think
they live defeated spiritual lives because of what is happening
to them. That is not so. It is because of how they are
responding to what is happening to them. You can't control
whathappens to you. You can control how you react. Many are
reacting in a certain manner not because of what is happening to
them but because of what has happened to them in the past. They
are reacting to people and events that happened a long time ago
as though they are happening today. Instead of letting Christ
control them they are letting some person or experiences from
out of their past control them.
Our text calls this a "root of bitterness." Our past is
referred to as a "root." Our present "fruit" is current
bitterness. That is not one of the "fruits of the Spirit."
This past experience may have happened years ago. It may have
been a single incident or it may have been an on-going episode
involving a person or thing. Perhaps it is so painful that you
never talk about it or perhaps keep crowding it out of your
conscious thought. Yet, it dictates your present moods,
attitudes, responses, and general b ...

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