Does Anybody Here Have A Spare Donkey? by Nelson Price

MATTHEW 21: 1 - 11
JESUS CHRIST'S redemptive role needed a donkey to make His
mission to planet earth a success. He was the living fulfillment
of every prophecy related to the birth and life of the foretold
Messiah. Prophecy was His biography written in advance.
Centuries before the eventful day He entered Jerusalem, the
Prophet Zachariah (9:9) said the Messiah would enter Jerusalem
riding on a donkey and the colt of a donkey. If there were no
donkey, there would be no fulfillment of Christ's intended
earthly ministry. Someone might conclude that Jesus read the
prophecy and staged the event. That is possible, but consider
also Daniel even told when it would occur (Daniel 9: 24 - 26).
By calculating the time spoken of by Daniel, it was to transpire
173,880 days from his prophecy. Jesus went to Bethany six days
before Passover (John 12; 12) and entered Jerusalem the next
day, April 6, 32 AD. That was precisely 173,880 days from the
date of Daniel's prophecy. That was the only Passover at which
that prophecy could have been fulfilled. Thus, the Father was
further validating the Son as Messiah, that is, Savior.
Prophecy also said Messiah would come before the destruction of
the temple. The temple was destroyed in 70 AD. If Jesus were not
the Messiah, who was?

Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem was according to the divine
timetable. His entry into Jerusalem was not a triumphal entry
but a royal entry. He was not coming as a conqueror after His
victory but before His battle.
Jesus needed a donkey. Would you have let ...

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