A Day For Happy Fathers by Nelson Price

EPHESIANS 6: 1 - 4
JESUS CHRIST ran through the language of mankind and searched
out a word to help us understand the heavenly heart beat of the
true and living God. He chose the word "father." In doing so He
not only desired to let us know something of the character of
God the Father, but He revealed to us traits of a good earthly
Father's Day like Mother's Day is an emotional day affording
various reactions. Many of us had good dads who embodied traits
pleasing to our Heavenly Father. Others have had the heartbreak
of having an ungodly dad. Often this ungodliness has been
blatant and obviously out of character with the ideal of our
Heavenly Father. Unfortunately there are those who have had dads
who were hypocritical. Publicly they might have even projected a
spiritual facade while at home their true character showed
itself as being unbecoming of the Heavenly Father. I have seen
many children reared in a blatantly unchristian home who have
developed strong moral and spiritual values resulting from a
deep and abiding personal faith in Christ. The children who
suffer most are those who live with a hypocritical parent. They
often become sullen and embittered.
Father's Day is emotional because everyone wishes for a good dad
and would like to respect him. However, many have forfeited any
respect they might have earned. For others the day isemotionally
hard because they know they have broken the heart of
their godly dad. Consequently they have saddened the heart of
their Heavenly Father.
Proverbs 17:6 says, "Parents ...

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