How You Can Help Run The Universe by Nelson Price

ACTS 12: 1 - 5
JESUS CHRIST taught us to pray by His practical example and
precept. He modeled prayer for us. If He needed to stay in touch
with the Father through prayer, how much more do we need to?
How is your prayer-life?
I am persuaded that prayer is the main missing ingredient in
modern Christianity. Many persons never pray until there is a
major need. Few live in an attitude of prayer. God waits
ambitiously to hear from us.
Christ appealed to us to "abide in Him." Some terms can better
be described than defined. This is one. If you want to know what
it means to abide, just watch two teens, a boy and a girl, who
have just found one another. They know what it means to abide.
They search for opportunities to talk to one another at school.
They write each other notes. They send messages by friends. As
soon as school is out and they get home, they pay homage to the
teen's best friend Alexander Graham Bell by rushing to the phone
to call and talk some more. It is a challenge to get them to
hang up to eat, study, or go to bed. What they are saying is
"Oh, dad, leave us alone we are abiding."
When married couples quit "abiding," their love-level is
subsiding and often they start dividing.
The same is true of our spiritual relationship with the Lord.
Those who abide in Him long to contact Him in prayer just as
teens in love strive to talk to one another.
*Prayer is the ladder down which God walks into our work and
*Prayer is not a luxury -- not a duty -- not a storm shelter --
not a hospital -- it is simp ...

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