Lord, Are You A God Who Helps With Messe by Nelson Price

PSALMS 86: 6 - 10
JESUS CHRIST said, "Come unto Me, all you who labor and are
heavy laden, and I will give you rest" (Matt. 11: 28).
Comes the response, "Lord, does that offer still stand?"
The load has never been heavier. Nor has there been a greater
need for rest.
Illegal drugs generate an estimated $100 billion plus business a
year. That's almost a fourth again more than the largest
legitimate business in America. Lives are ruined, minds fried,
homes wrecked, an persons made miserable by it. "Lord, a lot of
those folks are looking for rest! Why, You just ought to read
the paper." The Lord might well respond, "I wrote the Book. The
paper has just changed the headlines. Consider My Word as
recorded in Matthew 24:"
Vs. 4 - "Be not deceived..." Rise of the occult and cults.
Vs. 5 - Counterfeit Christs
Vs. 6 - Wars & rumors of war. There have been over 155 since
1900. There are 21 presently.
Vs. 7 - Famine = 10,000 now starve every day.
Pestilence = AIDS, an estimated 50,000,000 deaths in the
next decade.
Earthquakes = 1 million have died in earthquakes this
Vss. 9, 10 - Martyrdom. In the last ten year 500,000 have been
martyred in Africa; 50,000,000 in China.
Vs. 11 - False prophets. Counterfeit clergymen has decoyed many
away from Christ.
Vs. 12 - Loss of love. Divorce proliferates.
Under current law abortionists are killing over 1,500,000
preborn children a year. That is three preborn children every 60
seconds. "Lord, you can go to jail in this country for ...

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