Where To Turn In Need Of Help by Nelson Price

JOHN 16: 1 - 7
JESUS CHRIST has given you as a Christian a Helper. Knowing our
nature and the resulting need of supernatural help He has
provided for us a Helper. I need a helper. How about you?
I need a helper in the good and bad times. Most of us realize
our need of a Helper in the hard times but not the good.
Harry Pidgeon after accomplishing a world record sailing feat
commented: "Do you know the most dangerous thing a man sailing
alone has to face?" He then answered his own question.
"It's not the storm I was afraid of, but the clear, calm weather
when a good breeze was blowing. In a gale when a man goes on
deck, he holds fast to something, for he knows he might fall
overboard; but in fair weather he is apt to walk around the deck
without thinking. Then a little roll of the boat can throw him
overboard and he is lost."
There is a parallel truth in all of life. More Christians are
caught off guard and spiritually defeated amid prosperity than
in the face of severe adversity. Therefore, there is never a
time we Christians don't need help. In the Old Testament it was
"calm weather" that caused problems for Elijah, Lot, David.
British preacher Graham Scroggie said, "A storm with Christ is
better than a calm without Him."
William Barclay's 21 year old daughter and her fiance were
drowned in a boating accident. He said: "God did not stop that
accident at sea, but He did still the storm in my own heart,
sothat somehow my wife and I came through that terrible time
still on our own two feet."
They had a helper. All of us need a helper.
Jesus Christ said, "It is to yo ...

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