Am I A Mighty Gor Or A Massive Ego by Nelson Price

ACTS 12: 21 - 24
JESUS CHRIST SAID, "Seek first the kingdom of God and His
righteousness..." (Matthew 6: 33).
A successful Satanic ploy used successfully through the ages has
been to confuse the issue of who is God. Anytime there is a
valuable original and authentic, unique entity there are efforts
to counterfeit it. That is true of money, jewelry, and of God
Mankind's efforts at counterfeiting God have been incessant and
endless. In Romans 1: 21 - 25 a graphic description is given of
the process and product of such efforts.
Before turning to this passage I feel compelled to share what I
am speaking about with any Christian. This is true because while
most of us Christians have gone our merry way, glibly singing
our songs, and listening squint-eyed to uninformative sermons,
a tidal wave of doctrine contrary to scripture has swept across
our land. Like a tidal wave that soaks everything in its path,
even what it doesn't destroy, this doctrine has even infiltrated
the thinking of many believers without their awareness of what
is going on.
Many Christians if asked to give a definition of the New Age
movement would begin by saying they don't have any idea what it
is. Many have never even heard of it. Because of its influence
on our total society and, therefore, on your life personally,
you need to know.
Let these be your moments of learning and dedication.
Defining the New Age movement is like trying to nail jello to
the wall. It includes many thousands of organizations networking
through the world wit ...

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