Living In Lion Country by Nelson Price

I PETER 5: 8, 9
JESUS CHRIST, God in flesh and blood, believed there to be a
devil. He had known him in eternity before the dawning of
creation as an angel of light responsible for guarding the
throne room of Heaven.
On earth, after His baptism, Jesus was immediately confronted by
Satan who tempted Him three times.
The Bible refers to Satan 174 times. He is depicted as an
angelic being who mutinied against God and led a band of
rebellious angles who became known as fallen angels or demons.
Millions were amazed to learn recently of twelve persons being
ritualistically sacrificed to Satan in Matamoros, Mexico.
Reaction varied. Some thought of this as an isolated incident in
a remote place. Some thought of it as pretense. Others thought
it could never happen in their community. Puzzled by the event
persons across America have mused "Surely nothing of this nature
could happen in my community!"
Could it? Is it happening in other areas?
Unequivocally, "Yes."
How broad spread is it?
A representative of the California Sheriff's Department
estimates there are 50,000 human sacrifices a year in America
offered to Satan. I asked a Satanist if this was a realistic
figure. This person said, "You figure it out. There are over
200,000 Satanic covens in America. There are at least
threespecial days of the year when each coven has to offer 33
animal sacrifices, one for each year of Christ's earthly life.
On each of those occasions at least one of the living sacrifices
has to be a human sacrifice." That would indicate there are
a ...

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