How To Become The Best Your Can Be by Nelson Price

PHILIPPIANS 3: 12 - 14
JESUS CHRIST wants to meet you where you are and guide you into
being all you can be for your joy and His glory. He has a you in
mind that is more fulfilling than you have ever dreamed; a you
brimming with confidence, filled with assurance, and overflowing
with a sense of purpose.
He has done and is doing this for millions. It is the potential
He has in mind for you. You can be all He would have you be.
That will give Him victory and you vitality. Are you ready for
a great adventure that will take the tedium out of life, rob you
of boredom, and spare you a sense of futility?
As a matchless example of His ability to do this, let's look at
the life of the most unlikely of candidates for such a change.
His Gentile name was Saul. He underwent such a transformation
that they even changed his name to a Hebrew one, Paul. He
appropriately described himself as "the chief of sinners." That
simply meant he was the worst sinner who ever lived. The reason
for such a description is that he did despicable things under
the cover of pious religion.
As Christ changed his life so He can dynamically make yours new
and full of refreshing vibrancy. If He has done it for the
worst, surely He can do it for you. He is willing to accept the
challenge. Therefore, take advantage of these moments to
evaluate your life. You could walk away with a new outlook and
internal enabling power.
Most people are willing to admit two things:
1. Past failure, that is, they have not reached the goal God
has set for them.
2. ...

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