The School Of Thanksgiving by Nelson Price

I Thessalonians 5: 16 - 18
(Page 1727 Come Alive Bible)
JESUS CHRIST moved and moves into lives of people with needs to
give them an understanding of grief, gaff, and gore in their
lives. He, the perfect God incarnate, lived in an imperfect
world. He did little to change the world we live in to make it
perfect for us to live in. He does all that is necessary to
change us that we might live victoriously in this imperfect
He gives us cause and occasion to give thanks.
Our Pilgrim predecessors paused on the edge of a hostile
wilderness in the presence of unknown dangers and gave thanks.
They did not do it because of the bounty and abundance about
them but because of the spirit that abounded within them.
Their's was an attitude of gratitude. They were of such a frame
of mind and sweet spirit that they gave thanks for all things.
Speedwell -- Mayflower; Gov. Bradford; Squanto; 50 Pilgrims, 90
"Truly the Lord hath done great things for us... Not our might
or strength hath saved us, our salvation is of the Lord...
Therefore, it is highly becoming to us to render thanks to God
our deliverer... And I enjoin that everyone observe this
festival in a Christian and Godly manner..." James Oglethorp,
July 21, 1742, Fort Fredrica.
What is your basic attitude?
Some people have a refreshing attitude of optimism. No matter
what you say or do, they are going to find the good in it.
Others have a critical spirit. Again no matter what you do, they
are going to interpret it critically.
In the field of psychology this is called "selective
perspective." It simply means the same thing can ...

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