What Works When The World Does'nt by Nelson Price

PSALMS 86: 1 - 7
JESUS CHRIST whispered words of encouragement in the ears of His
disciples and the world overheard Him. On the Mount of
Beatitudes in His Sermon on the Mount He spoke of happiness. For
clarity of understanding He spoke of seven facets of a
relationship He guarantees will result in a fulfilling and
gratifying life. Seven times He said "blessed" are you. In the
language of the day the word translated "blessed" was MAKARIOS.
It can be translated "blessed, congratulations, or happy."
MAKARIOS had long been used by the Greeks to speak of the
blissful and blessed state of their gods. Christ now says in
reality you can have true happiness like the Greeks only
imagined their gods to have.
The word spoke of a state of being not dependent upon externals.
The ancient name of the Island of Cyprus was Makarios. The
island was thought to contain everything necessary for a good
life. The climate was mild. Soil was fertile and growing
conditions ideal. Fresh water was plentiful. In effect, the
island was self-contained. This is a picture of what the word
really means. In using it Jesus was saying "I can put within you
everything necessary to a joyous and productive life. This joy
is within and not contingent upon externals."
This provision He offers every follower. Why then do so few seem
to be enjoying it? It is because we have inverted the standard.
We have grown to believe happiness is dependent uponexternals --
things. Having done so we have failed to develop the internal
attributes resulting from applying God's Word.

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