What Is The Price Of Contentment by Nelson Price

I TIMOTHY 6: 6 - 10
JESUS CHRIST said, "You cannot serve God and mammon [riches]"
(Matthew 6: 24).
Many failing to accept this fact have caused themselves great
difficulty trying. A divided allegiance divides the person and
causes stress.
A wealthy person can serve the Lord, and I know many who do it
admirably. Many are faithful stewards of that which the Lord has
intrusted to them. They get great joy out of using their
substance for His glory. Their giving doesn't come from their
bank account but from their heart.
Some months ago right after certain tax deduction laws were
changed making charitable giving less attractive, I talked with
a wealthy Texan. I asked if he thought the new laws would affect
charitable giving. He replied, "Nup. If a person doesn't have it
in his heart to give, no law will make him give. If a person has
it in his heart to give, no law will keep him from giving."
This concept is Biblical. God's Word says, "Every man according
as he purposes in his heart, so let him give" (II Cor. 9: 7a).
The Bible notes, "He that trusteth in riches shall fall, but the
righteous shall flourish as a branch" (Prov. 11: 28). One reason
some who are wealthy are prospering is that they are trying to
live a life of righteousness pleasing to the Lord.

Two other categories of attitudes exist regarding using our
substance. Some persons are not generous and actually try to
store up for themselves substance. There are persons of very
little substance as well as some wealthy who try to serve mammon
only. Others try ...

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