Fundamentals Of Family Life by Nelson Price

COLOSSIANS 3: 18 - 21
JESUS CHRIST was a living embodiment of love. His message was
one of love.
As an example of a loving child, He grew up in Nazareth in a
well-structured, Jewish family. He is described as growing in
"wisdom and statue and in favor with God and man." He was a
responsible, functioning-member of a family unit.
His relationship with Joseph, His earthly father, must have been
rewarding in that He chose the term "Father" to teach of God the
His love for His mother was manifested in respect and deep
regard as seen by His efforts to provide for her even from the
He loved little children and exhorted the disciples to go to all
extremes to let them come to Him.
The family was the basic unit of the society in which He grew
up. Today the family is still a basic unit of society. Because
this basic unit is deteriorating so rapidly, our society is
beginning to evidence it is coming unraveled around the edges.
The American family today is in a perilous state. For that
reason I want to share practical insights regarding the ABC's of
Family Living with the prayer each member of every family will
recognize their role and resolve to fulfill their
An indication of what is going on in homes today was revealed by
an extensive study recently published entitled "Young
Adolescents and Their Parents." This nation-wide study involved
8,000 fifth to ninth graders. 97% of these were church families.
*Only 22% of the children said the ...

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