What And How To Hate....to Hate? by Nelson Price

PROVERBS 30: 11 - 16
JESUS CHRIST sat a crippled man in the midst of a group of
religious leaders and watched their reaction which Mark
described as "hardness of their hearts." Then it is said of
Jesus that He "looked around at them with anger" (Mark 3:5).
Jesus, angry? Yes! The Greek word translated "anger" is ORGE.
It speaks of a controlled displeasure, resentment, and
indignation. The New Testament urges all believers to "be angry
and sin not" (Eph. 4:26). But at WHAT and HOW?
The wisdom book of Proverbs gives us four characteristics that
should arouse the anger of a believer and cause hate. After we
have looked at them, we will look at what the Bible says about
HOW we should hate. Unless you follow this message throughout,
you are going to miss the meaning and confuse the issue in your
thinking regarding anger and hate as presented in Scripture.
In Proverbs 30 the expression "There is a generation," literally
means, there is a class of people. In every generation there
have been classes of people who meet these standards. Four
behaviors are abhorrent to God and should be hated by us.
A. A SPIRIT OF ANARCHY Vs. 11 (Rebellion)
Anarchy means rebellion. It can happen on a national scale or
within a family. Where there are children who curse their father
and do not bless their mother, a spirit of anarchy, that is,
rebellion prevails.
In all four classes of persons noted here there is self-conceit.
Right in the home is where the first expression of it begins.
The first of the Ten Comman ...

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