Resurrection: An Idle Tale Or Transformi by Nelson Price

LUKE 24: 1 - 12
JESUS CHRIST lived, died, and rose again. What does that mean to
you? Thought you may have difficulty verbalizing an answer to
that question you are answering it by your life.
What do you believe about the resurrection? Your life-style
indicates you agree or disagree with the initial response of His
followers. When the men who followed Him for three years were
first told of His resurrection they thought the women were
telling them a idle tale. Literally, they thought the story was
nonsense. It simply did not affect their lives -- at first.
The ultimate impact on their lives is attested to by how they
lived thereafter. Their ultimate response is one of the best
proofs of His resurrection. Once they knew of His resurrection
they went forth with great boldness to proclaim Him as the
Savior of the world. This they did against all odds. They
believed in the bodily resurrection so strongly they risk the
wrath of imperial Rome and the vengeance of the religious
leaders of their own land. They would not have ventured so
fearless if they had not been fully persuaded He arose.
The resurrection means God keeps His Word against all odds. That
was part of the problem that intimidated their young faith. The
odds against anyone coming back from the dead were
insurmountable. There were no odds of it happening. It was
simply an impossibility. Because it had never been done it was
safe to assume it could not be done. BUT, it was done.
The resurrection means God keeps His Word and you can be
transformed. You can b ...

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