Each One Reach One by Nelson Price


ROMANS 10: 1 - 4
JESUS CHRIST said, "I will make you fishers of men."
"I" is the subject.
"will make" is the verb.
"you" is the object.
The subject, Christ, will do the work of the verb, "make" on the
object, "you."
In fishing for fish, we take them from life to death.
In fishing for men, we take them from death to life.
If all the people in the world who have not received Christ as
Savior formed a single line, it would be 750,000 miles long. It
would reach around the world 30 times. It grows at the rate of
20 miles every day. That is impressive but impersonal. Come
closer and look at the faces of those who form that line. Do you
notice friends, relatives, working companions, classmates, or
neighbors in the line. How can we help get them out of that
One soul at a time. To think of reaching the world one soul at a
time may be a great act of faith. However, to think of winning
it any other way is a great act of lunacy.
If we dare carry out the commission of our Savior and follow the
pattern of our first century predecessors, we can reach our
region for Christ.

Tertullian wrote the Roman Emperor in the Second Century:
"We are but of yesterday and yet already we fill your cities,
your islands, your camps, your palaces, your senate, your forum,
we have left you only your empty, heathen temples."
They had infiltrated, penetrated, and saturated their world for
Christ as we must do.
Justin Martyr wrote also in the Second Century:
"There is no people, Greek or Barbaric or any other race by

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