A Christian Code Of Conduct by Nelson Price

ROMANS 12: 9 - 21
(COME ALIVE Bible Page 1661)

JESUS CHRIST in redeeming us leaves us here for a purpose. He
loves us so that gifts are provided with which to achieve the
purpose for which He has left us. These gifts are not toys for
our personal pleasure; they are tools with which to serve within
the family of God and to evangelize the world.
In Romans 12: 3 - 8, some vital spiritual gifts are noted. The
Holy Spirit serves as the supply source giving the gifts
according to His discretion. It is conceivable that spiritual
gifts could be used in an unspiritual way. In large part,
I Corinthians was written to correct such error within that
church. Beginning with verse 9, emphasis is placed on the proper
attitude with which to employ our gifts. Guiding and governing
principles for proper use of spiritual gifts are now noted.
Humility in use of the gifts has been stressed. At this point
love for others is underscored.
Six flags fly over the heart filled with love.
A. It Is To Be Godly Love -- Vs. 9a
"Let love be without hypocrisy," or "dissimulation,"
ANUPOKRITOS, means genuine -- its real. In the Greek theater
one actor might play several roles by simply changing costume,
voice tone, and a mask. One who wore a mask was called a
"hypocrite." Thus, this verse is an appeal not to be a
play-actor, but to truly love.
The old sin nature is, basically, a hypocritical lifestyle. If
the unbeliever truly expressed what is felt, everyone would be
offended. Persons with an unregenerate heart have to wear masks
and preten ...

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