Love Is Unconditional by Nelson Price


I JOHN 4: 7 - 12
JESUS CHRIST is living proof that God loves you!
W H Y does God love you?
Why did God love the world so much that He gave us Jesus Christ
as demonstrable proof? It surely wasn't and isn't because the
world is so good. Statistics can be sighted to show it isn't.
Barometer readings start with teens. The leading cause of death
among teens is auto accidents. Of those killed over 60% have
blood-alcohol levels above the legal standard for intoxication.
The second leading cause is homicide which claims 15.6 per
100,000 young people.
The third cause of death among youth is suicide which claims the
lives of 12.3 per 100,000 youth. Some estimate there are over
20,000 teen suicides a year.
It is dangerous to be a teen in America. A teen is more than
twice as likely to be a victim of rape, robbery, assault, and
crimes of violence than an adult. More than 60 out of 1,000
teens is likely to be a victim, compared to 27 out of 1,000
One of every five live births in America is to an unwed mother.
In 1985 alone, more babies were affected by sexually transmitted
diseases than were affected by polio during the entire epidemic
of the 1950's.

AIDS casualties are doubling every six months. More Americans
are more afraid of AIDS than of an atomic bomb.
World hunger, war, and man's inhumanity to man all add up to
show God doesn't love the world population simply because it is
so good. Watch the evening news and see how many stories report
on people and events that indicate those involved are lovable.
The unalter ...

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