Salvation Pure And Simple by Nelson Price

ROMANS 10: 9 - 13
JESUS CHRIST is the exclusive object of saving faith. This
faith involves accepting certain facts and trusting the person
Jesus Christ. One of these principle facts is His miraculous
resurrection. There is no explanation of the bodily
resurrection of Jesus Christ other than God the Father's
intervention. If one can accept this fact by faith, other
aspects are natural.
This saving faith also involves accepting the fact of Who He is,
as well as, What He has done. His person is identified in Him --
multiple names as used in this text.
The A, B, C's of salvation in reverse are:
To state the truth clearly to the mind of Jewish mentality, the
text starts with the mouth and works in. It begins with the
result and moves to the source. It starts with the consequence
and goes then to the cause. This is good Greek gamma.
"Heart" is the source of belief. The heart was known to pump
blood. It was thought that when the blood flowed through the
brain it carried with it thoughts. Because of its pumping action
it was believed all thought began there. It was thought of, not
as the seat of emotions, as is true now; but as the seat of
creative thought.
"Mouth" is the means of acknowledging the source.
"That" introduces the result clause. The result of salvation is
confession with the mouth. Here the result is stated before the
cause. Faith is the means; confession is the result.
"If" is third class condition - maybe yes, maybe no. If it had
been the means of salvation, it would have been first class
"Confess" means to name it to God, to acknow ...

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