A Model Mother by Nelson Price

A Model Mother
Nelson Price
1 Samuel 1-3 (Page 408 Come Alive Bible)

JESUS CHRIST honored His earthly mother and appealed by example and exhortation for you to do the same. The need abides for mothers to be honored as well as for them to be honorable.

The Old Testament contains the story of a young wife and her ambition to serve the Lord as a mother. She is the model of a good mother. Women, let me ask you a vital question. If you had lived in the Bible era, would you have been a good example for inclusion in Scripture of a good and Godly mother? If not, I appeal that you start molding your life today after such an example - Hannah.

The story develops in a time of great national trouble for Israel. They were in need of a Godly leader. At that same time a young woman entered the story. Her name was Hannah.


Before she was a wife, she was a true believer and an ardent worshipper. Before she was a mother, she was a Godly woman. She regularly engaged in worship and prayer (1:10).

She sought God's will: ''If thou will'' (1:11). To show the sincerity of her prayer, she linked herself to God by a difficult vow.

Even when the Priest, Levi, misunderstood her, she remained calm and gracious. He saw her praying and thought she was drunk (1:14). The old priest's ill-founded conclusion added gall to the sorrow of her heart. She was courteous but persistent. Seeingher sincerity, Levi said, ''Go in peace, and the God of Israel grant your petition'' (1:17). She went home content because she believed. From Hannah we can all learn how to calmly and graciously defend our rights.


Hannah made the right choice of a husband. That for some persons is their biggest mistake. ''David Frost's Book of World's Worst Decisions'' lists some major mistakes. One big one is thought to be Coca-Cola changing its formula. For ninety-five years after Dr. John Pemberton cooked up the first batch in his ba ...

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