What's A Friend For? by Nelson Price

MATTHEW 13: 34, 35

JESUS CHRIST placed great value on relationships. He not only
taught principles related but He was a role model evidencing how
important it is to build good relationships.
His teachings were filled with examples of how to befriend
people and who to befriend. Little children, beggars, rich,
young rulers, sickly women, prestigious, national leaders, and
the poor were all recipients of His acts and expressions of
Why did Jesus and why does the Bible put such emphasis on
friendship? Because friendships fortify life. To love, and be
loved, is the greatest happiness of existence.
Living in community with others makes us part of them and them
part of us. Jesus Christ, in eternity past, co-existed as a
member of the Trinity. God the Father, God the Son, and God the
Holy Spirit are the perfect example of living together in
community with one another. They are Exhibit A of friendship.
On earth Christ chose twelve disciples with which to associate
in a small community of traveling companions. These were His
friends. Thus, in heaven and on earth by His example He has
taught us the importance of friendship.
Christ knew proper relationships are good for us. A number of
years ago two brothers, Will and Carl Menninger, started an
institution on the Kansas plains based on the therapy of love.
Today The Menninger Foundation Hospital reports one of
thehighest incidents of recovery of mental and emotional
patients treated with the technique Christ commanded. In a word
Studies show that p ...

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