Have You Ever Seen An Angel Wink? by Nelson Price

LUKE 24: 1 - 12
JESUS CHRIST, having completed His earthly mission now waited
three days in the anti-room of eternity for His bodily
resurrection. His work on earth perfected and completed, this
must have been a time of victorious elation. He knew what was
about to happen, but His loyal followers were completely
unsuspecting. In despair they wept and wondered in hiding. His
enemies rejoiced. Not just the religious leaders and government
authorities but Satan and the demonic hosts of hell.
You who have read and have recall remember the scene from Mark
Twain's "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" how Tom Sawyer, Huck
Finn, and Joe Harper set out drifting on a raft down the
Mississippi River. This great adventure was to enable them to
become pirates. Everybody in town thought they were lost. The
triple funeral was planned for the three. On Sunday morning all
the town folks could talk about was the imagined-fate of the
three. Solemnly they filed out into the church building for the
funeral. The preacher talked about the three missing boys in
such loving terms that folks began to feel guilty for the way
they had treated them. Soon everybody was crying.
Just then there was a rustling noise in the back of the back of
the balcony. Slowly the church door opened. The minister wiped
his eyes and looked up in amazement. Walking down the aisle came
Tom, Huck, and Joe. They had come home and had been hiding in
the balcony observing their own funeral. The people rushed
toembrace them. The minister shouted, "Praise God from whom all
blessings flow. Sing! Put ...

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