The Marriage Covenant by Nelson Price

MATTHEW 19: 4 - 6
JESUS CHRIST said, "For this reason a man shall leave his father
and mother and be joined to (cleave to) his wife, and the two
shall become one flesh?" (Matthew 19:5).
Two becoming one is a miracle. In every young marriage there is
agreement that they two should become one. The big question is
which one?
The Pharisees came to Jesus asking Him about divorce. There were
two prominent schools of thought on the subject in that day.
Anytime they could pose a question which put Him in a position
of taking a stand contrary to one group, they tried it. The
Shamai school of thought believed that the only legal ground for
divorce was adultery. The Hillel believed anything was grounds
for divorce from a wife talking too loud to buying the food.
By raising technical questions about divorce and remarriage they
had not given proper consideration to the sanctity of marriage.
Jesus pulled their attention back and focused on the sacred
nature of the marriage covenant.
With God as my guide, I want to try to avoid getting verbally
entangled on this occasion on the issues of divorce and
remarriage and deal primarily with the marriage covenant.
I am sensitively aware that in addressing a large public
gathering in America today, I will speak to basically four
groups regarding this subject. They are:

A. Those who have been married and are now divorced.
B. Those who have been married, divorced, and remarried.
C. Those who are now married.
D. Those who have never married but are considering it
some ...

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