Here It Is Almost Christmas And I Am The Only One Depressed by Nelson Price

HAGGAI 2: 4, 5
JESUS CHRIST's birth is the grandest annual celebration in the
world. More people travel greater distance to be with loved ones
than at any other season. Many businesses do 50% of their annual
sales during the month of December because of Christmas. More
feasting and partying is done during this period than at any
time of the year. Churches are filled and great choirs lead out
in choral celebration of the birth of the King. 'Tis the season
to be jolly! It's that jolly time of the year.
IF so, why am I the only one depressed?
Depression strikes more people during December than at any other
time. Why? A better understanding of depression makes the
answer a bit more understandable. Oh, by the way, you are not
the only one depressed.
Dr. Harold Esecover of the Columbia Psychoanalytic School noted:
"I doubt that there is a person around who hasn't been touched
by depression."
The National Institute of Mental Health reports that depression
is a billion-dollar-a-year business. Over eight million
Americans have depression deep enough to cause them to miss work
or send them to the doctor.
Generally speaking there are four forms of depression.
A. ENDOGENOUS DEPRESSION. Its name means it comes from within.
It is the result of a chemical imbalance in the central
nervoussystem. This is one of the first things that should be
suspect. For the Christian it is most often the last. It should
be checked by a competent medical doctor.
Symptoms are: a constant sad feeling, anxiety, confusi ...

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