Simper Fidelis by Nelson Price


JOB 2: 6 - 9
JESUS CHRIST said, " also outwardly appear righteous to
men, but inside you are full of hypocrisy and
lawlessness...Therefore you are witnesses against yourselves..."
(Matthew 23: 28 & 31a).
Jesus was warning that appearances can be deceitful. He used a
word from the world of drama to describe persons who pretend to
be something they are not. It was the Greek word HUPOKRITES and
is translated hypocrite. It described a play actor.
Our's is a theatrical society. Many engage in the role of the
great pretender. WHY? Because there is a vital element missing
in our society. To say it is missing in our society is to infer
it is absent from the character of many people. The trait
missing that is a menace to America is INTEGRITY.
Synonyms for integrity are "honesty" and "faithfulness." For
years the Marine Core has had as its motto SIMPER FIDELIS,
meaning "always faithful." America has major moral and ethical
problems today because INTEGRITY is missing in boiler-rooms,
barrooms, board-rooms, bargaining-rooms and bedrooms.
A lack of integrity has resulted in the coining of a term
"sleaze factor." A lack of integrity has resulted in "social
decay" in America.
A recent issue of "Time" had a headline reading "Pentagon for
Sale." It carried a feature article on the recent alleged
bribery scandal in the Pentagon.
The White House Security, the ARC, recently had staff members
suspended because of improper non-prescription drug use.
Marine security guards at our embassies have been moved because
of sus ...

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