Abrham Lincoln: Was He A Christian? by Nelson Price

MATTHEW 7:21 - 23
JESUS CHRIST said, "Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord,'
shall enter the kingdom of heaven..." (Matt. 7:21).
What does it take then to enter the kingdom of heaven? In
answering this vital question, let's use the life of a great
American to assess what doesn't save and what does.
Consider the life of the 16th President of America, Abraham
Lincoln. Was Mr. Lincoln a Christian?
After the war, Democrats attempting to undermine the
reconstruction of the South painted Mr. Lincoln as scurrilous
terms. By aristocrat Wendell Phillips, he was called "the white
trash of the South spawned on Illinois," " a first-rate
second-rate man...waiting to be used."
Brahmin historian Francis Parker complained in 1862 that Mr.
Lincoln was the "feeble and ungainly mouthpiece of the North."
The "London Herald" wrote of him: "Mr. Lincoln is a vulgar,
brutal boor, wholly ignorant of political science, or military
affairs, or everything else which a statesman should know."
New Yorker George Templeton Strong wrote in his diary that Mr.
Lincoln was "despised and rejected by a third of the community,
and only tolerated by the other two-thirds."
Remember, it matters not what others think of us, but what we
think of Christ that is important in the matter of salvation.

In 1806, Peter Cartright was the premier evangelist in rural
Kentucky. Their rather primitive form of worship would seem
strange by our standards. One night as Cartright was preaching
in an outdoor meeting a young man jumped to his ...

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