A Model Of Servant by Nelson Price


JOHN 13: 1 - 5

JESUS CHRIST is our intended model. His mission in coming was
to do the will of Him who sent Him in seeking and saving. Those
saved then are to allow Him to be their role model. Christ is
the prototype of what God the Father wants us to be.
All that he Son was to the Father we are to be to the Son.
All that he Father was to the Son the son wants to be to us.
Let's engage in a case study of Christ cast in the role of a
servant to better understand our role as servants. John 13 -
17, records a very special ministry Jesus performed to His own.
Contained in this account are found secrets to fulfillment and
The moment at hand was one of great stress. Christ knew He was
to die the next day. By observing His responses to stress we
can see how we too can handle it. He ---
His disciples had followed Him about three years and still had
not caught on to what He was truly trying to do in their lives.
They were still arguing over their positions of order in His
kingdom (Luke 22:34).
Privately the mother of James and John, as an earthly aunt of
Jesus, had tried to gain a family favor by asking that her boys
be allowed to sit on his right and left in His kingdom. This
upset the disciples. They weren't disturbed because she didbut
because she beat their own little Jewish mothers to the point.
They were still concerned about status not servanthood.
Customs of the day help us understand the true teaching of our
test. Guests normally bathed before going to a special dinner.

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