How To Conquer A Giant by Nelson Price


II SAMUEL 21: 15 - 17

JESUS CHRIST issued a mandate applicable to every believer. It
is His field orders for every Christian. He said: (Matthew 28:
19, 20). That is a giant task.
There is an Old Testament historical account which illustrates
how this task can be achieved. David and his companions were
confronted by physical giants. We, the church of the Lord Jesus
Christ, have a giant at our door. Our giant is not an
individual but individuals. The massive body of unchurched
people in our society constitutes the giant task with which we
are confronted. Let's consider the parallel between David's
task and ours. Four things are necessary in order to kill a
David and Abishai had no difficulty seeing the giant by which
they were confronted. He was so big, the bronze tip of his
spear weighted eight pounds. Though he was big, he evidently
wasn't as big as the giant David had earlier killed named
Goliath whose spearhead weighed sixteen pounds. These were big
boys who would have dwarfed NBA centers.
BIG is a relative word. This giant, Ishbi-Benob, was big
compared to David but small compared to Goliath. The size of
Goliath was what had intimidated Israel. They all marveled,
"Look how much bigger Goliath is than David." David marveled,
"Look now much bigger my God is than Goliath."
Every person has a concept of bigness. I have a teenage friend
who walking through a local mall with one of the Georgia Tech
basketball centers recently when he overheard someone say, "I
wonder how tall he is?" The teen turned and said, "I am about
Everybody has their concept of what constitutes a BIG church.
Again I say "big" is a relative word. We are big compared to
the size of an average SBC church. Most of them have less than
200 in Sunday School. However, compared to the unenlisted
number of people in our community we are very small. That is
the mindset we must develop. We will never be as big as our
Lord desires for us to be until the last unenlisted person in
our community is enlisted.
I can remember some person saying when I came here "I think 500
is about all we should have in Sunday School."
BIG -- you want to see big?
In 1985, there were 374,000 people in Cobb County. Of these
only 45,300 were members in a local church. 65% were
unchurched. That same year we had about 6 ...

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