How To Avoid The Intimidation Of A Giant by Nelson Price


NUMBERS 14: 1 - 9

JESUS CHRIST told an illustrative story of a nobleman who went
away but before leaving said to his servants "Occupy till I
come." The NKJ reads, "Do business until I come..." (Luke
He has left us His followers here to do His business until He
comes back again. He said He came to "seek and to save." He
also said, "As my Father has sent me so send I you." We are to
be His agents for salvation till He returns.
In the Old Testament book of Numbers is an historical account of
an event which is illustrative of our challenges and
If you as an individual are to achieve what the Lord desires for
you and if we as a church are to accomplish what He has outlined
for us, these things need to be kept in mind.
I.DON'T LISTEN TO PESSIMISTS (Numbers 13: 27, 28 & 32, 33).
As the children of Israel approached the land of promise, Moses
sent out twelve spies to do a reconnaissance of the land. Ten
of the twelve turned out to be pessimistic. They saw only the
reasons why the task of occupancy could not be accomplished.
A.DON'T LISTEN TO DEFEATISTS (Numbers 14: 1 - 4)
They were defeated in their minds and therefore, unwilling to
even make an effort. That is where most people lose their
biggest battle. The "I can't do it" complex defeats many
Who is your biggest opponent? Who defeats most of your
goodideas? "You" are your own worst enemy. The "It won't work
for me" syndrome causes many good ideas to be stillborn, dead on
arriva ...

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