You Are A Witness For The Defense by Nelson Price


MATTHEW 28: 16 - 20

JESUS CHRIST was seen to be alive after His resurrection by
approximately 526 people. These sightings occurred over a
period of forty days. One strange factor is revealed in Matthew
26:17b, "but some doubted." That statement shows the open,
honest integrity of Scripture. It reveals His followers had no
expectation of His resurrection.
The instant response of others was to worship Him. Jews were
averse to the worship of any man. They bowed only before God.
The fact these Jews worshipped Him indicates their belief in His
Now the lines were drawn early between believers and doubters.
The issue became how to get the non-believers to believe. Some
of them, just as in the case of Thomas, doubted. The context of
Scripture indicates these early doubters soon had their doubt
dispelled and they too became believers.
To this day the challenge remains as to how believers can enable
non-believers to believe. In this passage Jesus proposes the
I.THE AUTHORITY "All authority..." (Vs. 18)
The AKJ says "power." There are two Greek words both of which
can be translated "power." EXOUSIA is used here meaning Divine
authority. One means authority and the other ability. One
primary difference in first-century Christianity and
modernbelievers is found in this. They believed in His
authority and did not look to Him for a demonstration of His
ability. Today this is reversed. People want a demonstration
of His physical power but are reluctant to submit to His
authority ...

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