The Four Fold Miracle Of Modern Israel by Nelson Price


GENESIS 12: 1 - 3 & 7

JESUS CHRIST walked across a bit of real estate called
Asia-Minor with two logs on His back to a hill called Calvary.
There He died for the sins of the world. Three days later He
was miraculously resurrected. Before His ascension He said He
would come again. The angel messenger implored His followers at
the moment of His exodus: "Why stand you gazing up into
Today many laugh at that prophecy. Is prophecy a laughing
matter. Listen to this text: READ: Deut. 32:8. God said this
about 800 years before Israel ever entered the land and He kept
His word.
Israel was born in fulfillment of prophecy. In fulfillment of
prophecy Israel will always exist: Read: Jeremiah 30:11.
Moses prophetically warned Israel that if they did not obey God
they would be scattered (Deut. 28:63).
Israel through the years has experienced many captivities and
experienced resultant scatterings. They were carried into
Egyptian captivity. They suffered under the Assyrians and
A miracle is that Jesus was born in Bethlehem not Babylon.
Around AD 70 Israel was destroyed by the Romans and the people
God said they would be scattered and they were (Jeremiah 30:3 &
For over 1900 years, there was no nation of Israel. Ezekielsaw
a vision which symbolized the return of the people to the land.
It was the valley of dry bones. The bones came back together
and were reunited into a body. In fulfil ...

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