The Burden Of The Brambies by Nelson Price


JUDGES 9: 7 - 15

JESUS CHRIST said, "Render therefore to Caesar the things that
are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's" (Matthew
In this statement Jesus was urging Christians to be the best
citizens possible. It was an exhortation to be exemplary
citizens. Responsible citizenship by Christians makes for
better government. Better government makes for better living.
Have you ever heard a story to which you did not pay close
attention at first; and right at the end, it became so
interesting you wished that you had listened to the first part
so that you might have understood it better? Let me tell you
the story behind our text so you will understand its
application. Listen from the first.
Gideon was a great man of God who was used of the Lord in a
marvelous way. He was a superior leader. However, Gideon
committed a common sin of his day. He had multiple wives. God
never endorsed this whether a person has them all at once or on
the installment plan. By these wives he had seventy sons and no
telling how many daughters.
If that were not problem enough, he had a concubine, a kept
woman, in the town of Schechem who bore him a son named
Gideon died. A shuffle for leadership resulted.
Abimelechappealed to the men of Schechem to make him their
leader. His clever appeal worked and they did. He formed a
small bank of guards and went to the town of Ophrah and killed
all seventy of Gideon's sons on one rock. He slaughtered all
but the youngest son of Gideon named Jotham. W ...

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