Tell Me About Heaven: What's It Like? by Nelson Price


JOHN 14: 1 - 6

JESUS CHRIST said, "In My Father's house are many mansions...I
go to prepare a place for you...where I am there you may be
Heaven is one of two inescapable options available. Note there
are two -- no more. You will never cease existing. After you
leave planet earth you will exist eternally in heaven or hell.
Your choice alone determines which.
Hell was never prepared for people but for the devil and his
demonic band. It becomes the eternal habitat for those who
reject salvation as offered through Christ.
Heaven is a place prepared for prepared people.
Let's consider some of the few things we know about heaven.
Tying to tell a person what heaven is like is an impossible
task. One twin born a few minutes before another could not tell
the unborn one what earth is like because the unborn one has
nothing with which to compare it. Even if the newborn were to
try he would only be able to described the delivery room.
Beyond lies the Alps, Sahara, Mississippi River, the oceans, and
vast continents.
Can you imagine an Eskimo going to Hawaii and returning to
Alaska trying to tell his tribesmen what a pineapple is like.
Accepting the fact there is much we don't know and can't
understand, consider what we do know.
I.HEAVEN IS A PLACE "I go to prepare a place..."
The term "heaven" occurs well over 400 times in the Four
Gospels. Most often it comes from Jesus.
Christopher Columbus sailed back from his first voyage to the
new world with the news confirming long held dreams ...

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