Your Battle With Your Body by Nelson Price

ROMANS 12: 1 & 2

JESUS CHRIST took upon Himself a body in order to do the will of
God the Father. We must yield our bodies to Christ in order for
Him to continue to accomplish the will of the Father through us.
Think about that! Take a look at your body. It is intended to
be a tool in the hand of God with which He does His work just as
a hoe or shovel is in the hand of a gardener. Your body is
intended to be an instrument in God's hand with which He
achieves His purpose just as a scalpel is in the hand of a
Your body is a marvel. Several news reports have indicated that
the materials that make up the human body are worth about $3.00.
It is humbling to know that a fried chicken or smoked salmon is
worth more than your body.
A Yale U. biochemist, Dr. Harold J. Morowitz, has come to the
rescue of our bruised egos. He says the raw materials that
comprise our bodies, such as, hormones, proteins, enzymes, RNA,
DNA, amino acids, and other complex biochemicals, are worth
about $6,000,000. When fashioned into human cells, the value
would likely reach six thousand trillion dollars. You are
priceless. Your body is infinitely precious.
Reality reveals we have some of our biggest battles with our
bodies. Our text urges you to "preset your body a
livingsacrifice..." That is where the battle begins. Your body
is your battlefield.
In order to understand the spiritual application of this, let's
establish the fact that you do have to battle with your body.
As proof of this, pause to remember how you h ...

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