Compatibility In An I.c.u. by Nelson Price


I JOHN 4: 7,8 & 19 - 21
JESUS CHRIST said, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself."
Knowing our spirit to be no larger than the cynic's, who asked
Him who his neighbor was, Christ turned the inquiry to allow the
person making the probe to answer his own question. The answer
to the question which was posed, hoping for a restrictive
answer, was, "He who shows mercy on him" (Luke 10: 37).
But, Jesus, you don't know my neighbor!
My neighbor commits adultery, has been known to steal, (if not
by theft at least by deception), and has even been known to lie.
Sounds like a rough neighborhood.
The definition of a neighbor as the one who SHOWS mercy reveals
that I determine who my neighbor is not geography. The issue
really is "To whom am I willing to show mercy and thus be
neighborly?" Living next door doesn't make a person my
neighbor. My spirit of mercy makes the person next door and the
persons I show mercy around the world my neighbor.
Now back to your adulterous, thieving, lying neighbor. You think
you got a bad neighbor? Just think what he has if you don't
show mercy. Listen, to Romans 13: 9 - 10.
"For the commandments, 'You shall not commit adultery,' (my
neighbor does), 'You shall not murder,' (some of the things he
has done are just as bad), 'You shall not steal,' You shall not
bear false witness, (I'm glad Jesus said that), 'You shall
notcovet, (Right), and if there is any other commandment,
(Huuu!), are all summed up in this saying, 'You shall love your
neighbor as yourself.' Love does no harm to a neighbor..."

You have quit preaching and gone to meddling.

According to the text, your neighbor has one group of sins; and
if you aren't showing mercy, you have another. Yours is a lack
of mercy. He doesn't know Jesus and you act like you don't.
That is no way to help your neighbor come to know Jesus.
Your neighbor may be a liar; but if you say you love God and
don't love your neighbor, our text says you too are a liar. If
you don't believe it, just ask your neighbor.
All of this intensive care stuff has to be taken home and
applied in the real world. It is not just theory. It must be
practice. God is merciful to us and He would have us show mercy
to others as a gesture of gratitude.
"Mercy, ELEOS, is an outward manifestation of concern; it seeks
to meet the need of the one shown it. It is what God has on you.
It is what God w ...

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