Thanksgiving For Christmas by Nelson Price


LUKE 1: 46 - 55
JESUS CHRIST loved you so much that, in conference with God the
Father and God the Holy Spirit, They agreed He would come to
planet earth and dramatically demonstrate that love in a daring
rescue mission. We were created for fellowship with God and sin
had broken that fellowship isolating all human beings from their
intended Heavenly homeland. We were lost in space. He came to
take us home to our intended destination -- Heaven.
In advance of His coming, He sent a messenger to announce His
coming. The angel, Gabriel, was assigned this role (Vs. 26).
His earthly contact was a most unlikely person in a remote
outpost. Still more unlikely, the recipient was a teenage female
named Mary. Let's pick-up the story at that point and consider
their interchange.
I. THE MAGNIFICATION (Vs. 46 "My soul magnifies the Lord.")
We have a tendency to enlarge the role of the recipient of the
message rather than amplify the message. Mary chose to magnify
"the Lord."
A Christian nurse was trying to help a friend who had overly
magnified the role of Mary in her thinking to gain a proper
insight. The friend, engaged in "Marydolatry" called the
doctor's office and asked to speak to the doctor. The nurse
said, "He isn't in, but his mother is. Would you like to speak
to her." Through this, the nurse was able to aid her friend in
seeing thatas there are certain things only the doctor, not his
mother can do, so there are certain things only Jesus can do --
not Mary.
Mary went to visit her cousin Elizabeth who exclaimed: "Blessed

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