Christmas Is A Godly Display by Nelson Price


MATTHEW 1: 18 - 23
JESUS CHRIST, in fulfillment of prophecy, was born in Bethlehem,
traveled to Egypt to flee the wrath of Herod the Great, and
returned to live His youthful life in Nazareth. He came to dwell
with people just like us, to relate to us, so we could relate to
The primary purpose in His coming was "to seek and to save."
That was the principle heartbeat of heaven behind His mission to
planet earth. He came to earth that we might go to heaven.
However, between the moment of our salvation and our
glorification is a period known as our sanctification. That is a
period of time in which our life is set aside to be of service
to Him on earth.
It is estimated that today's American population has no
Christian memory. That is, they don't have a background of
Christian experience on which they can draw and from which they
can interpret the experiences of life. It also means they don't
know the language of the church. In light of this, a bit of
explanation is appropriate regarding "sanctification." It meant
to be set aside for sacred use, in the name of the Lord. In the
Old Testament era, days, places, and objects were spoken of as
being sanctified. "Glorification" speaks of a believer's dying
and going to heaven. So, between the moment of our salvation and
our glorification, our life is to be used for the glory of
theLord. To do this, we need help. That is the second reason
for Christ's coming to earth. He came to evidence His love,
power, and will for us. To dramatize, by living with people,

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