Accountability In An Intens by Nelson Price


ROMANS 15: 13, 14
JESUS CHRIST told of a certain land owner who put a man in
charge of his goods. Upon hearing of the man's unfaithfulness,
he called his steward and said, "What is this I hear about you?
Give an account of your stewardship..." (Luke 16:2).
Repetitiously Jesus spoke of accountability. The Bible instructs
us that every one of us shall have to give an account of our
deeds before God (Rom. 14: 12). That is important and
impressive, but there not only is vertical accountability but
horizontal also. We each are accountable to and for others.
Being involved with and accountable to one another is helpful in
all areas of life. There is therapy in belonging. Medical
science is now confirming this. A sense of worth comes from
belonging. Dignity is inherent in belonging.
The church of the Lord Jesus Christ should be one massive
Intensive Care Unit where people show concern for one another.
Upon hearing such a statement some persons have a tendency to
immediately think about who cares for them. That is an
appropriate question but one that needs answering first is about
whom do you care? Have you gotten involved deeply enough that
others know you?
November 30, 1981, "Newsweek" carried the following article
regarding the death of actor William Holden: "William Holden,
was a private man and he died a very private death -- alone
inhis apartment in Santa Monica, California. He bled to death
from a gash in his forehead caused by a drunken fall against his
bedside table. It was four or five days later that his body was

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