Faith That Worships: Able by Nelson Price



Able represents worship by faith (Genesis 4:1-5).
He was the first martyr for the faith.
His worship offering was an indication that without the shedding
of blood there is no remission of sin.
Dead people do tell tales. From many centuries ago, Able though
dead, speaks to the Twentieth Century.
Able is an early example that distinguishes faith from works.
His life shows that from the beginning works without faith were
not acceptable to God.
Able was the first to have faith. Adam and Eve had individual,
personal relationships with God. They walked by sight.
God put Adam and Eve out of Eden because of sin, but spoke of a
way of restoring their broken fellowship (Genesis 3:15).
Through woman, the seed of a woman, one would come to destroy
the works of Satan. While judgment was being executed, mercy
was being offered. Jesus fulfilled this prophecy.
Able was a shepherd -- "a keeper of the flocks."
Cain was a farmer -- "a tiller of the ground."
They lived a lifestyle far more advanced than evolutionist thing
primitive man did -- Genesis 4: 21, 22. They were highly
intellectual and advanced in cultural ways.
READ: Genesis 4: 3 - 5
A.They had a place of worship. There they offered
B.They had a time of worship. "In the course of time" = "at the
end of the day."
C.They had a way of worship. The first recorded act of worship
included ...

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