Faith That Walks: Enoch by Nelson Price


HEBREWS 11: 5, 6; II John 6

JESUS CHRIST has appealed to each of us to take up our cross and
follow Him. He wants us to enter upon the path of service and
walk by faith not sight. In every era that have been those he
has trusted to do so. Enoch is the second example summoned in
the roll call of faith.
I.HIS WILL "By faith..."
At the age of 65 Enoch began his walk of faith. He continued it
for 300 uncompromising hears (Genesis 5: 21 - 24).
Bible revelation is progressive. Building of the faith as
demonstrated by Able in worship the logical progression is the
right walk. Adam and Eve walked with God, but their sin
disrupted their walk. Enoch now becomes an example of our
spiritual walk with Him. His walk, as ours, must be by faith.
Without faith, it is impossible to please God (vs. 6a). Good
work's can't (Romans 3:20, "by the works of the Law no flesh
will be justified in His sight.") Heredity, ritual, ceremony,
charity nor any other good work apart from faith pleases God.
The first form of elemental faith is simply belief that "He
God has given us clues of His existence, but still he can't be
proven by scientific method. This is imply true because history
can't be rerun.
Likewise, it should be kept in mind that one of the laws of
logic is that you can't prove a negative. To prove a negative
you have to know everything and be greater than the
negativeasserted. Thus, to prove there is no God, you would
have to be greater than and know more than God. Then you would
be God; and therefore, there would be a god = you.
Design argues--there is a God. Where here is design there must
be a designer. A watch operates by design. Logically it can be
concluded there was a designer of the watch. The earth operates
by design, the rotation and tilt of the earth causing the season
shows design. Therefore, there must be a Designer.
Law is an evidence. Where there is a law such as the 55 mile
speed limit there must be a law maker. There are laws of
science at work in the universe; thus, there must be a Lawmaker.
Love, mercy, optimism, hate, and hope can't be put in a testtube
and proven by scientific method; but by faith we believe in
The law of cause and effect argues for the existence of God.
For every effect there must be an equal or greater cause. The
effect is the universe, the cause has to be greater. He is.
Scientist concur that the universe is r ...

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