Running The Race Of Life by Nelson Price


HEBREWS 12: 1 - 4

JESUS CHRIST is the author and finisher of our faith. He is
likewise the enabler of all good things between the initiation
and consummation of our new life.
As athletes are inspired by examples of the greats who have gone
before them and the encouragement of those who watch them, so we
believers have such sources of motivation.
The "great cloud of witnesses" is a reference to those noted in
Chapter 11. The word translated "witness," MARTUS, means one
who bears witness by his death. These persons were not listed
simply as spectators but as testimonial witnesses to the fact
that God will see you through.
They are not there to be inspired by our action but to inspire
us by their living and spoken testimony. It is as though they
are shouting such encouragement as, "God enabled us to be
winners. He will do the same for you. Press on to the finish
They testify that you can't win unless you run so get in the
race. They testify that if you are in the race, run with
endurance - don't quit.
As witnesses, they are testifying to God's sufficiency and His
faithfulness. They, not we, are examples.
The most inspired football game I ever played I scored on a 105
yard touchdown. Even before that at the half the coach said in
the locker room, "I want you guys to get out there and playthis
second half like Price played the first half." One reason I
played such an inspired game was my hero, my cousin, who had set
a number of national records as a collegiate, now the opposing
coach was present. ...

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