And God Said "BAND" by Nelson Price


JOHN 1:1 - 5

JESUS CHRIST is living proof that God loves you and has a
wonderful plan for your life.
John's Gospel begins: "In the beginning was the Word..." The
term "Word" translates the Greek LOGOS. To understand the
meaning of a word, it is helpful to see how it is used. Plato
had used the term LOGOS meaning all that is known or knowable
about God. Thus, Jesus is all that is known or knowable about
John further describes Jesus as being "in the beginning." The
Greek text literally reads "Before time began to begin the Word
was." Two things are apparent. Jesus is God who has always
existed in eternity. Second, there was an instant when time
Evolution, which is the opiate of the atheist, argues against
such divine origin by such a loving Creator. More and more
scientists who are evolutionists are maturely conceding that
theirs is a theory lacking in proof.
David Pilbeam of Harvard in his review of the book ORIGINS by
Richard Leakey wrote: "Paleoanthropology reveals more about how
humans view themselves than it does about how humans came about
("America Scientist," May/June 1978, 00378,379).
Robert Jastrow, noted astrophysist and agnostic, in an address
to the American Association for the Advancement of Science
(1978), gave an address entitled "God and theAstronomers."
Therein he said, " we see the astronomical evidence leads
to a biblical view of the origin of the world."
He further wrote: "For the scientist who has lived by his faith
in the power of reason, the story ends like a b ...

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