The Unrepeatable Miracle by Nelson Price

PSALMS 139: 13 - 16

JESUS CHRIST compassionately said, "Let the little children come
unto me and don't prevent them."
Many are ignoring this exhortation and violating His spirit.
Today, I want to share insight about a horrible, forgivable sin
that should not be willfully committed after knowing of it.
Again, I want to say for the spiritual welfare of those who may
be guilty of this sin that it too is forgivable. Knowing it to
be a sin, one should not hereafter go out and willfully commit
it. It is the sin of abortion.
The "abort(tion)" as defined in WEBSTER'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF
DICTIONARIES means "to fail to come to fruition." It is the
life principle that is not allowed to come into fruition when an
act of abortion is performed.
In an attempt to defend that act, some contend over the time
when life begins.
In a humorous vain, three persons were discussing the subject.
One said it begins at the moment of conception. Another at the
instant of birth. The third said, it begins when the last child
goes off to college and the dog dies.
"Luke the beloved physician" (Colossians 4:14) writing under the
inspiration of the Holy Spirit gives us insight. He used the
Greek word BREPHOS to describe the unborn infant, John the
Baptist, in his mother's womb. BREPHOS is a Greek word used for
"a breathing, nursing infant." Luke used it to describe Christ
at His birth.
Many content that life begins when a child is born and starts
Why did Luke use the same word for an unborn and a newborn.
Modern science ...

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