Do They Know It's Christmas In Liberia? by Nelson Price


JOHN 3: 16 - 21

JESUS CHRIST is living proof that God loves you AND the world.
There was a traffic jam on I-75 this week that had traffic
backed up for a long time. It was caused by the birth of a
baby. Incredibly, the baby was born nearly 2,000 years ago in a
land almost 7,000 miles away. His name was Jesus Christ, God's
only Son.
His birth has impacted America like none other. Celebration of
it results in frosty hearts thawing and a spirit of generosity
flowing as at no other time. Consequently 40% of our nations'
retail profits are made during the month of celebrating His
More people travel more miles that month than any other to get
home with loved ones to share the holiday resulting.
"Tis the season to be jolly. "It's Christmas-time in America.
- - - BUT, do they know it's Christmas in Liberia?
We know so much and have so much; but do others in strange
-sounding places like Swaziland, Micronesia, and Sri Lanka even
know it's Christmas? What happens to those who never know the
name of Jesus? What about those or previous generations who have
died without hearing the Gospel?
There has always been more evangelism than the secular world
recognized. After Christ's resurrection, a great outpouring of
the Holy Spirit happened at the celebration of a feast
calledPentecost. Acts 2:5-11 lists 18 different languages
represented there that day. These new converts spread the story
to their home lands. Extra-Biblical sources speak of a great
wave of evangelism that swept the known world in the fir ...

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