Passion by Nelson Price



JESUS CHRIST, in love created you. King David not only spoke of
himself but of you when he said, "I am fearfully and wonderfully
made; Marvelous are your works..." (Psalms 139:14).
You are the collective art of God's creative genius.
He created you with an appetite. What a challenge! To be turned
loose in today's culinary culture with an appetite evidences
great confidence in your self-restraint.
He created you with your temper. It is a gift of God. To have
such a gift in our crowded friction-creating society is to be
trusted. Temper can be one of the most creative motivating
forces or one of the most destructive ones in life.
In His great love and with His uninhibited wisdom, He created
you with your passion. To be set free in our suggestive,
sexual, sex oriented, permissive society is an act of great
confidence in your spiritual commitment.
Your passion is a gift from God. What you do with it is your
gift to God.
Our pleasure-seeking, "I" centered lifestyle has enthroned
passion as a god to be served at all cost. Our sensate society
has, in the name of freedom, thrown off all moral restraints and
centered its existence around sexual passion. Advertisers take
full advantage of this to sell jeans, cosmetics, alcohol,
shaving cream, and soft drinks. Writers have resorted to
"passion" as aprimary theme to insure sales. TV and movies
capitalize on your passion to enlist you as a viewer. Thus,
these arts not only attract you through your passion, but also
stimulate your r ...

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