Are You Dying To Live? by Nelson Price


ROMANS 6: 1 - 5

JESUS CHRIST wants to employ the same power by which He was
resurrected to awaken the talent, ambition, and joy within you.
Helen Keller, who was inspired to conquer her blindness and her
inability to hear or speak by a faithful teacher, said of her:
"All the best of me belongs to her -- there is not a talent or
an aspiration or a joy in me that has not been awakened by her
loving touch." Spiritually, that is what Christ wants to do for
you. Isn't that exciting!
Everybody wants to live. Some folks are just dying to live.
These are they who really live. Unfortunately some folks think
the way to get pleasure out of life is to live it up. To live
it up in a way that has to be lived down is not living right.
There has always been a significant segment of society that acts
as thought they think the way to true happiness and fulfillment
is through sin. They, by their lifestyle and expressed
philosophy, indicate sin is the sure way to fulfillment. This
is one of Satan's most successful camouflages. Superficially
and for a season, it gives the appearance of "kicks." That is
before the kick-back comes.
Our text speaks to this. It connects the historical bodily
resurrection of Jesus Christ with our spiritual resurrection by
the golden link of baptism.
New life in Christ - - -
Some professing believers today seem to have an outlook like
that of some of the people in Paul's time. They believed that
in His grace God forgave sin. This is true. They said,
therefo ...

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